Kanal D will soon premiere the new Kerem Bürsin series to which we do not deceive you, we are looking forward to the tooth. But while it arrives, and with what we know, trailer of the first chapter included, there are four keys of ‘yçok set’ fundamental in the plot to understand what will happen next. We tell you.

The clock is already on the countdown. The series starring Kerem Bürsin and Hafsanur Sancaktan opens on Friday of next week in Kanal D and there is already a trailer. But we have also been able to advance for you some of the fundamental keys of ‘Yçok Seversen’.

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The keys of ‘Y kçok set’ that are intuited in the trailer

Ateş is a ligon and a vividor

The plot we have told you before … although there are nuances that we have discovered in this trailer of the first chapter. Ateş Alaca hereda of his father a business conglomerate and also to the children of this. but it is also … a Playboy. In fact, in the first chapter, and before the phone call that will change his life and put it up, we see him get out of bed in which a woman still lies:

“I’ve been looking for you for almost a month,” they say when locating him to return to Istanbul to sit head.

She is a busch

And if he is a ligon with pasta, she looks for life deceiving men to steal everything he can and, of course, life runs away. Actually, Look for a job to take roots …

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The two alienated

Another of the keys of ‘Ya çok Seversen’ is that both, which put (more or less) their cards on the back from the first minute, Decide to form an alliance to obtain their respective interests. That is why he reads, finally, it will be the Nanny that is in charge of the little brothers of Ateş. And from here there will also be subtramas, as we already told you a few days ago.

Leyla looks for their parents

In the trailer that we have seen from the first chapter of ‘Yçok Severs’ another of the most interesting keys is clear: Leyla does not know who his parents are and is looking for them. And here lies one of the most fat surprises of the series.

Key bonus of ‘Ya çok Severs’: The series is a comedy

And this is what we like most: that we will be able to see Kerem in a fun code, doing the clown. I mean, what we were missing to fall in love at all.

Well, this is what we can extract from the first chapter. Do you feel like seeing her? As far as I am concerned, much more than before.

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