Is a fact that Can Yaman suffers a tremendous rejection of his Turkish compatriots. We tell you why they hate Can Yaman.

Since he decided Close his law firm in Turkey and go to live in Italy to continue his career, Can Yaman suffers the rejection of his country which seems to Do not forgive that he has left to another place to grow as an actor.

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A very clear sample of the degree of rejection that Can Yaman suffers in his country was what happened during the Official presentation of the Disney+chain that took place in 2022. Can Yaman was invited by Disney+to attend the presentation ceremony but upon arriving at the photocall All photographers and journalists decided not to ask you photos or questions. They made it clear that Was not welcome again to Turkey. He listens. Bochornosa.

Among the journalists someone shouted “if you have gone to Italy to succeed, we do not need you in Turkey” to which Can Yaman made deaf ears not quite tense.

Can Yaman Penas appears in the Turkish digital press

It is a fact that Can Yaman has Vetoed from the Digital Turks since he left for Italy. There are no news of the filming of their new series and the small notes on it are Always negative unlike the news that appears from the rest of the Turkish actors, those of Can Yaman can count on the fingers of a hand.

There is no trace of their injuries, or their work. Nothing. It can be said that Can Yaman is punished in Turkey.

Can Yaman canceled after not going to help the victims of the earthquake

Another fact that has not liked anything in Turkey is that Can Yaman has not suspended the filming of ‘El Turco’ that was being carried out in Budapest to assist the victims of the earthquake as well that made Burak Deniz, Hande Erçel or multitude of other actors. Instead Can Yaman organized a fund collection campaign through its organization ‘Can Yaman for Children’ that Was also criticized since it did not occur immediately after the earthquake but days later. The campaign was Written in English and Italian which led to criticism of a multitude of ‘haters’ that Insulted him through his social networks to the point of getting him to lose his nerves (That news does appear in the Turkish digital ones)

Can Yaman aware of the Tense relationship with his country , tries to step on him as much as possible. Even her mother moves to Italy to be with him, Place where they undoubtedly love her, admire her and have opened her arms so she feels at home.

These are the main reasons why they hate Can Yaman in Turkey. After all and as Antonio Gala (author of ‘Turkish passion’) says, “a house is the place where one is expected” and it seems that in Turkey, they do not love or wait for him.

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