If I had to choose the most beautiful Turkish actress we were going to have it difficult, because we do not know a single one that is not. According to a ranking elaborated by a famous British medium, these are the actresses of that most beautiful country. Beyond coinciding with your opinion or not, we raise it as a fun game. Without looking, would you get the first three?

You may have very clear, among which you know, what is the most beautiful Turkish actress, but do you agree with the opinion of Nubia, a British media specialized in global and multicultural culture? Well, that’s what we are going to ask you now. They have prepared a ranking of 10 actresses, but we are going to put, in ascending order, only the first 5. We start!

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This is the top 5 of the most beautiful Turkish actress according to ‘Nubia’

Have you already pointed to your actresses in the order you consider correct? We are going from the fifth to the first. Take paper and ball and see if you agree with this list!

Ebru Sahin

We talk to you as well as the Hiking of the Women’s Co -star of Hercai a few months ago. Ebru, who turned 29 in May, is not among the best known, but sneaks like the fifth most beautiful Turkish actress in the ranking. By the way: soon premieres series, Centilmen, with another beautiful one: çagatay Ulusoy, the protagonist of The tailor .

Özge Gürel

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You know it well: it was the co -star of Mr. Wrong (or The wrong man) next to nothing less than Can Yaman . This actress occupies no less than fourth place in the ranking of more beautiful Turkish actresses. We have nothing to say.

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Elçin Sangu

At 36, Elçin has been crowned as the third most beautiful Turkish actress. And this is already sounding even more, right? Among his successes, I rent my love or Happiness time. /EM>The vampire series that Kerem Bürsin starred.

Demet Özdemir

Another couple of Can Yaman (this, in the real and fictional) that sneaks into the Top 5. Demet is not only the silver medal of this ranking, but also a of the most beloved Turkish actresses in our country.

Hande Erçel

¡Dilo, reina!

Could not be another. Our beloved Hande is not only a great actress and “dear” as few, but has also conquered this British media with its beauty. His mother -in -law may have chosen Serenay Sarikaya as the most elegant, but the most beautiful Turkish actress prize is his. Congratulations!

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