You will have wondered who is Serenay Sarikaya, how old he is, where he has naded or if he is dating someone. Here we tell you.

No doubt Serenay Sarikaya is one of the most famous Turkish actresses . Her career as a model and actress is Full of successes due to her professionalism, a good character of her and a non -canonical beauty that goes out normal, but Who is Serenay Sarikaya?

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Who is Serenay Sarikaya?

Serenay Sarikaya was born on July 1, 1991 in Antalya. Daughter of divorced parents when she was 6 years old, she studied her and graduated at the Antalya Saime Salih Konca school.

From a very early age the interpretation bug had caught the attention of Serenay who aimed at the Theater department of the High School of Fine Arts Atasahir Adigüzel de Istanbul.

How did Serenay Sarikaya become a model?

While studying interpretation, Serenay emerged Because the Won the ‘Special Jury Prize’ . But this is not all, while she was formed as an actress Serenay she also obtained the Second place in the contest ‘Turkish beauty queen’ in 2010.

What were the first works of Serenay Sarikaya as an actress?

Sarikaya first appeared in the movie ‘On the beach’ In 2008 when I was 16 years old. After this, she played her first role as the protagonist in the series ‘Fairy Tale and Lemon Tree’ the same year. After these first two works, Serenay’s career was taking off and participated in the series ‘Adanali’ which caused Serenay to be a Powerful name within the Turkish actors. In 2010 he played Yesim in the series ‘Tulip Era’. In 2013 he played Mira in the series ‘Medcezir’ that was a Adaptation of the series ‘The OC’ in which he played the role of Mischa Barton.

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Serenay Sarikaya movies and series

2022 – ‘Shahmaran’ (series)

2017-2018-‘fi’ (series)

2013 – ‘Medcezir’ (television series)
2013 – ‘Behzat ç. Ankara Burns ‘(movie)
2010-2012-‘ Tulip was ‘(television series)
2010-2011-‘ Place Gök Aşk ‘(television series)
2008-2010-‘ Adanalı ‘(television series)
2008 -‘ Lemon tree ‘(television series)
2008 -‘ Fairy tale ‘(television series)
2008 -‘ On the beach ‘(movie )

All Serenay Sarikaya’s boyfriends

On the sentimental plane, Serenay Sarikaya has been very active dating one of the Main Turkish actors with which he has had outstanding romances that have appeared in most digital ones.

One of Serenay’s most famous romances was the one who maintained with the Kerem Bürsin actor for just over 4 years .

After this sound courtship, Serenay began dating Cem Yilmazz.

After this he tried luck with Umut Evirgem with which he ended his relationship last October.

It is currently said that a relationship with his partner in the series ‘Shahmaran’, Burak Deniz, is starting, but it is a fact that is unconfirmed.

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