If you have hooked ‘Doctor Ali’, welcome. If Lóquer Onur Tuna also makes you, the hateful boss surgeon, we are legion. Yes, that it is insufferable, but how is it, by God! If you want to know who Onur Tuna is, you are on the right page.

Primer plano de Onur Tuna
Este hombre existe: date cuenta.

Carries little chapters, but Doctor Ali is taking strength in the forces of the weekend. And it is normal, because he has everything to freak out: a different protagonist (it is not the massif on duty), a love story that is cooking over low heat and a great plot. But we feel it: there is no Turkish series without kidney! Who is onur tuna, pays attention, because we tell you 6 data about him.

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He is an economist

We are accustomed to that classic biography of actor or actress who leave their university studies to devote themselves to interpretation and, look where, is not the case. Onur graduated as an economist at Dokuz Eylul University. yes, he began acting at six years of age. So, if you get it, you know that you take your business finances. A two by one.

Onur Tuna en una foto de su instagram
Te llevo a una cena romántica y te cuadro las cuentas.

Onur Tuna practices all these sports (and shows)

Dr. Ferman is not only dedicated to hindering the life of resident Ali Vafa, but practices Basketball, volleyball and football, in addition to table tennis. Obviously, we refer to the actor, that the character has enough to operate and cool.

Has worked as a model

Economist, athlete and model? Well, indeed. Nor does it seem strange, right? With that face and that body, the strange thing would be that they would not have hired it for this purpose. It was a Model for four years in an agency and, more than parade, he made photographic advertising.

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Cartel promocional de la serie Sarmaşik Zamani
Onur, junto a otros compañeros de la serie ‘Sarmaşik Zamani’, que se encuentra promocionando actualmente en su país de origen y en la que repite con su pareja en la ficción de ‘Doctor Ali’, Hazal Türesan.

To know who Onur Tuna is to know his musical facet

If you have not yet fallen to the ground, taking note of everything this boy knows how to do: it points: it composes, sings and touches several instruments (specifically, the piano and the guitar). He also Has his own music study and has received musical training in the conservatory. (We leave this phrase so that you sigh for a long time while we go to the next point).

Your heart is busy (oooooh)

Yes, friends. Since last year he is a small one for Yasemin Yazici, companion of profession. And he does not have the slightest empacho in sharing it on his social networks, accompanied by love messages that would melt anyone:

Yasemin Yazici y Onur Tuna
La pareja de actores lleva un año enamoradísima. Ay.

Its great defect and its most special physical feature

Apparently, Onur Tuna Have often accused him of having made several touch -ups , to which he has responded by showing his nose: “It is crooked, there is no surgery,” he says.

Primer plano de Onur Tuna
¿Tú le notas la nariz torcida? Porque nosotros la encontramos perfecta.

But what attracts the attention of the interpreter of Doctor Ali is the Glacial blue color of his eyes. so much, that it is common for you to compare it with a Siberian Husky. It is not that Onur makes the comparison a special illusion, but he resigns.

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