Misfortunes never come alone and Miguel Bernardeau just broke the tesla as if it were a divine punishment.

While Aitana and Yatra strengthen their relationship day after day , first on a trip with friends to London and then on a trip of tortolites to Los Angeles in which they have been discovered by post details such as posts such as posts Este de Twitter, Miguel Bernardeau did not just do well.

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Aitana and Yatra are in Los Angeles, living their relationship and waiting until February 5 to attend the Grammy Awards where Yatra is nominated by his album Dharma as Best Latin pop album . It will be in these awards where we can surely see you together taking one more step in a relationship that is already an open secret.

And meanwhile, Miguel Bernardeau is broken by Tesla

The last thing we knew about Miguel was that during a promotion for the Biotherm brand in Valencia, he was seen walking along the promenade and taking something with a mysterious young man. After this news in which it was not very clear if the girl was part of the brand’s agency or there was something else, we lost the track of Miguel Bernardeau until today.

Miguel Bernardeau is broken

A car that we saw so many times at the Door the house he shared with Aitana Ocaña and now it seems that he is in the garage of his parents’ house.

And it seems that while Aitana life smiles with Sebastián Yatra, Miguel Bernardeau, fate punishes him with an unexpected Fault .

We do not want to sin superstitious, but isn’t it too much coincidence that all this happens just after the publication of an image of Yatra Breaking a photo of Aitana and Miguel Bernardeau during an interview in the 40 main?

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