We tell you where to see ‘El Turco’ of Can Yaman, the price and the last details of the Disney+

For more than 6 months Can Yaman Has left his home in Italy and has moved to Budapest to roll ‘El Turko’. An international blockbusion in which Can Yaman is leaving the skin to show itself as an international projection actor and that manages to conquer the American market.

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During these 6 months we have been discovering details of ‘El Turco’, from the decorations, the actors that make up the series or the hotel where Can Yaman houses in Budapest. Little by little we have been building an idea of the Hard which is the work of the Turkish actor without inexorably realizing The filming of the series was coming to an end.

The filming of Can Yaman has come to an end

Yesterday we found several images that with a Mixture of joy and grief showed several Actors returning to their homes after rolling the last scenes.

What you are seeing are the images of several actors that are Return to their places of origin since either they have no more scenes in the series or have finished filming completely.

Among them is Greta Ferro and actor Kieran O’Reilly who seems that they have done very good crumbs.

In other scenes it looks as Can Yaman is giving the final touch -ups to a series that will be its final consecration.

Where to see ‘El Turco’ by Can Yaman and the price

‘El Turco’ by Can Yaman will be broadcast on the streaming platform Disney+ Turkey but Can be seen with a subscription to the service from anywhere in the world by What with your Disney+ subscription you can see. The price of a Subscription to Disney+ in Spain is € 8.99 but in other countries it is usually something equivalent so There is no excuse not to see Can Yaman in One of the papers that will lock him.

Ella puede ser el motivo de la tristeza de Can Yaman

When is ‘El Turco’ by Can Yaman to be released?

According to the image that leaked in the presentation of the annual grill and in which we could see Can Yaman dressed as his character, ‘The Turk’ Was located to be released in September (Account the months that appear in the photo). If the deadlines are fulfilled and the series ends up shooting at the end of February, they will be the months dedicated to assembly, edition and master to get fair to September.

Well, you already know How much it will cost you to see ‘the Turk’ in Disney+(without you have no already hired) and When it will be released approximately . Hopefully everything will continue and not be delayed because the Can Yaman Fandom (among which we include ourselves) cannot endure more to see the actor in action.

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