Urgent. We have the links to see Can Yaman at the Disney + gala for the Turkey earthquake next to the ex -partner of her Demet Özdemir. Guard it.

Disney+ Turkey has performed A whole deployment to help those affected by the Turkey earthquake. If in a first statement He already announced that he would make a donation of 1 million euros and also make a gala in which the main faces that represent the chain in Turkey would participate among which are Can Yaman, his ex -partner Demet Özdemir or Cansu Dere who is still missing. Today we have learned that Disney+ was also going to facilitate a donation mechanism for all company employees, which Would raise even more funds for those affected.

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Can Yaman en la gala de Disney+ Turquía

What day and what time will the Disney+ gala with Can Yaman?

The gala will take place on the Sunday February 12 and will be broadcast from 8 pm until 00 hours in midnight (España schedule).

Where can I see the Disney+ gala with Can Yaman?

In open you can see the 6 hours of retransmission if you have the Show TV, ATV, STAR TV, Fox TV, Canale 7 Italian, TV8 or Channel D (YouTube) channels

The gala will be broadcast in Turkey the Fox channel that also belongs to Disney, but we have compiled a series of Links so you can follow it from your mobiles, laptops or televisions regardless of your country of residence.

Channel d




TV show


So you know, You have no excuse to lose this gala in which Can Yaman and the rest of actors and actresses will try to raise more funds to help those affected by the Turkey earthquake. Don’t miss it.

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