Let’s see, let’s see. This is already a riot. How what Kerem Bürsin is going to get an album? Have you become a singer? How does it sing? Why do I have asked questions for a while? Why are you reading them with Pito’s voice? Everything is unknowns. We tell you what we know.

As far as we knew, the only Kerem Bürsin disc was the one who operated a few weeks ago. But suddenly we get rumors that he gets into a singer and we are in the writing like this: Howoooooo?

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Will there be an album or there will be Kerem Bürsin’s album?

Well, to see, it all started a few days ago, when someone took out a video in which he is not seen, but He is heard to sing:

The Twitter user in question flipped with Kerem’s voice and does not surprise us, because We … also.

Kerem’s next projects

So We have put ourselves to investigate about his pending projects and … we feel that no, there is no Kerem Bürsin album. But it will not be due to lack of merits, because this boy’s thing is of a complete one that passes. In fact, and In case you house any questions that the voice of the previous video was that of Kerem, here you have a momentazo of when he went through The voice Turkey:


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♬ sonido original –

Is that everything does well, please! boy. Singing that Santa Claus is coming to town gives the entire profile of Crooner with level! Well, and we also tell you that at the beginning of his career he made a musical movie, so we do not lose hope that one day he will be encouraged and get album. Kerem, if by chance you read us, here are potential buyers , you know.

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