What do we have, Keren Bürsin? Have you thrown new girlfriend? Have you thought about it? Do not worry, that we have worked for you and we know which one of your partners suits you. Astrology is quite clear about the future of Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel, Mehtal Algül or Serenay Sarikaya.

While we wait as May from May to the protagonist of Love is in the air tell us how his heart is, in Crush.News we have tired of waiting. If you want to do experiments, do them, but the stars have their own opinion. Do you want to know what the future will be between Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel? Let’s go there!

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Kerem and Serenay: a complicated relationship

Kerem Bürsin was born on June 4, so it is Gemini. Gemini are known for being curious, versatile and very communicative. They are people who enjoy the variety and constant change, which complicates lasting relationships. However, his with Serenay Sarikaya lasted four years, huh?

Kerem Bürsin y Serenay Sarikaya posando como modelos
Para llevarse mal, casi llegan a casarse…

Serenay is Cancer, and astrology suggests that The relationship can be a bit complicated. Why? Because while cancer are usually very emotional, sensitive and attached to the family, Gemini such as their ex have a greater degree of Detachment. However, both signs are very intuitive, which can help that they understand each other. Although the compatibility between the two is low, they can have a happy and satisfactory relationship if both are willing to work in the relationship and Accept the differences of the other.

MEHTAP: Overerable differences, but a relationship mired in boredom

Mehtap Algül was born on August 27, so it is Virgo. practical and retailers, something that Can make them incompatible with the most carefree and gemini passage. Any problem that arises.

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Kerem Bürsin en la primera mitad de la foto y Mehtap Algül en la segunda
Los astros predicen que con buena voluntad podrían llevarlo bien, pero que se van a aburrir de lo lindo.

In addition, Mehtap’s sign are very hardworking and responsible people, something that helps balance the Most impulsive tendency of Gemini. The compatibility between these two signs is moderate: they can form a solid and stable couple, but also a boring tad.

The future of Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel according to the stars: passion in its purest form

Hande Erçel, who currently goes out with Hakan Sabanci, is Sagittarius, and what the stars say is that There is a passion of good. Sagittarius are known for being adventurous, optimistic and very independent. On the other hand, the Gemini are very curious and enjoy the variety. Both signs have a great communication capacity and are very sociable, which can make The relationship is very funny and exciting .

Puro fuego y emoción: así sería el futuro de Kerem Bürsin y Hande Erçel según la astrología.

What can fail between them? That sagitarians say things to the face without filter, and the Gemini, despite their apparent frivolity are very sensitive. Of course, Compatibility is very high between the two, and the flame of passion never goes out. we don’t say them, huh? Your is written in the stars!

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