Hande Erçel and Hakan Sabanci are looking for a sneak. There is a person in your environment who is making your life impossible. This is what is known and so are the spirits.

Say those who have seen Hakan Sabanci lately who walk from side to side of his office, mobile in hand, shouts. “A name, I need a name!”, comment who have Assisted to the increasingly frequent, Ira attacks from Hande Erçel’s boyfriend: they are looking for a sneak that has turned their relationship into a nightmare.

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For her part, the actress is very scared, according to the same people who have explained to Turkish media how the situation is right now. “your relationship hits a thread”, comment.

There is not only once they do not hunt them: and the thing is going to more

The chivato in question is being searched by land, sea and air. Although they have not transcended what the investigations are, apparently there are Detectives hired looking for the person who has completely broken their intimacy.

“They cannot leave anywhere without having a cloud of journalists behind. At first he was comic, but Has begun to be very annoying and even dangerous ”, explains a person from the professional environment of Hande Erçel.

Hande Erçel es un trofeo para su novio millonario

For what people comment on both Sabanci’s environment and that of the actress, following their numerous trips there is always someone at the airport bet with a camera and a microphone. Also in the destination. “They have left their hands and they don’t know what to do. They are desperate. ”

Thinking about hiring escort

Hakan has even been able to hire private security, since this summer they have thought about spending their vacations aboard a yach scratch ”, explain.

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Al parecer, Hakan está pensando seriamente en salir con escolta.

The suspicions about the Chivato are heading towards someone from Hande Erçel

The people around Hande Erçel are in the spotlight. Not your circle of friends, no. But someone who can be part of his professional team, who is up to date with his agenda and who could be giving information in exchange for money. “It is quite easy to think that someone with access to the couple’s location may think of exploiting that information in their favor.” Yes, but why not Hakan’s environment? “It can be. But he is sure that his trusted people, really elitist, have no economic interests of this type. ”What will happen finally? How will this Operation Topo end?

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