We are so concerned about the disappearance of Cansu do we wanted to talk to a psychologist to explain the possible reasons for his disappearance.

A word of support to the victims of the victims of the earthquake.

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The Fragile personality and a Possible posttraumatic stress produced by the earthquake could be behind the Disappearance and the lock of Cansu Dere.

The disappearance of Cansu Dere according to psychology.

The psychological effects of posttraumatic stress in victims of an earthquake, such as Tent That the Aversive stimulus goes. In her head, all these symptoms that would be generating in the actress A blockage and avoidance very harmful are being produced. These are the main points that you could suffer Cansu today according to psychology:

Cansu Dere could be suffering persistent anxiety and fear

After an earthquake, it is common for people to experience a State of anxiety and persistent fear. In the case of Cansu Dere, its disappearance during the earthquake could be due to this cause. The fear of defrauding and the anxiety produced by a possible return to social life would be the fish that bite the tail, generating more anxiety.

Cansu Dere could be suffering insomnia and nightmares

Victims of an earthquake may experience Insomnia and nightmares after the event . Recurrent thoughts about earthquake and memories Can interfere with normal sleep . Cansu Dere, if he has survived the earthquake, could be experiencing insomnia and nightmares due to the earthquake, which could have weakened his body generating more Stress and anxiety.

Cansu Dere could calm changes in mood

Victims of an earthquake may experience Humor changes, including irritability, Sadness and anxiety . Cansu Dere could be experiencing humor changes due to her disappearance during the earthquake and the uncertainty about her safety that would be crowded with her head Repetitively.

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Cansu Dere would be forcing its social isolation

After an earthquake, the victims p Can feel overwhelmed and try to avoid any situation that reminds them of the event. They may also want to isolate and Withdraw from their social relations . Cansu Dere could be Avoiding his friends and family due to the post-traumatic stress he is experiencing.

Cansu Dere could be obsessing repetitive memories.

Intrusive memories are a common symptom of post-traumatic stress. Victims may have Event flashbacks , even when they are not actively thinking about it. Cansu Dere could be Experimenting intrusive memories of the earthquake and the news about his death.

Cansu Dere could be suffering lack of concentration and memory

Post-traumatic stress can also affect Memory and the ability to concentrate of the victims of an earthquake. Cansu Dere could be experiencing difficulties for Concentrating on daily tasks and could have problems to remember important details, such as its location during the earthquake or going even further, it could be Disoriented and without even remembering his name in an unknown whereabouts.

In conclusion, the psychological effects of post-traumatic stress can be deep and durable in the victims of an earthquake. We all expect what happens to Cansu Dere and that the reason for his disappearance is due to posttraumatic stress that may be suffering and not to another worse reason. It is important that the victims receive the Support and treatment adequate to help them overcome the effects of trauma so we hope you can return as soon as possible to receive help.

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