‘Shahmaran’ is an unprecedented success and we are going to tell you all the secrets behind the most mysterious work of Burak Deniz and Serenay Sarikaya.

The series was Launched by Netflix at the end of January 2023 and is based on a Turkish mythological story about a man who had a relationship with the snake woman Shahmaran , unleashing A myth that lasts to this day and to which Turkish actors Burak Deniz and Serenay Sarikaya give life.

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What is the meaning of Shahmaran’s legend

This is a Legend that belongs to the Middle East and specifically to the region of Turkey and that tells the story of Shahmaran, a mythical Creature half woman half snake and that lived in a beautiful Underground garden.

What Shahmaran means

The meaning of Shahmaran Comes from the Persian ‘Shah’ (king) and ‘Maran’ (snake) . Shahmaran is considered the Queen of snakes.

qué significa Shahmaran

The legend tells the story of the young ‘Camsap’ who stayed alone in a cave after collecting honey with his friends.

Camsap came to think that he would die in this cave but finally managed to find a small hole that made bigger thanks to his knife and for which Managed to cross even a garden flooded with snakes. Among the snakes was a very special one who approached him and presented himself as ‘Shahmaran’.

Camsap stayed Plunge from Shahmaran’s beauty who was also intelligent, wise and friendly, which made him fall in love with her.

The couple formed by the snake woman and the young Lived happy in the underground garden when a day camsap who began to miss her family told Shahmaran that she wanted to go to see, That the snake woman agreed with a condition, that Never reveals anything about their existence or underground garden.

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Years later, A very important king became ill and a vizier said that the only way the king is cured of that mysterious disease was Eating Shahmaran meat . As they did not know how to get to her but they did know that if a man had come into contact with the snake woman, when his skin was wet, Would become a snake , he forced all citizens To be gathered in public bathrooms to check if anyone knew Shahmaran. When the soldiers forced Camsap to get into the water They saw scales appear on their skin.

After this, Camsap had to reveal where his wife Shahmaran was hiding. When the soldiers arrive at the underground garden, it is Shahmaran himself who gives them the instructions on how to eat her meat.

It was time to eat the snake women

According to the legend, Who eats its tail will live and will be wiser, but Who eats his head, will die.

There is another version by which Shahmaran’s body was Divided into three parts. The king and the vizier died and Camsap survived obtaining Shahmaran’s wisdom. As they say, the meaning hidden behind this myth is that Shahmaran’s head was actually its snake part, while its tail was its human part.

Camsap manages to live but tormented for having betrayed his wife until the day of his death.

Shahmaran is a Turkish myth adapted ‘in that way’ to a series

As you can see, Has little to do with the ‘Shahmaran’ series with the Shahmaran myth . Of course, it keeps Many coincidences that make this series something special within the Turkish Dizi world where there are no passionate, naked kisses or women consuming alcohol, something that in ‘Shahmaran’ we can constantly see and that It seems that it is an evolution within the Turkish Series market.

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We hope you have enjoyed the meaning of the Mythological legend of the snake woman Shahmaran as much as we tell her and we encourage you to take a look at the series if you have not already done it.

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