That Can like women very similar to each other is something that we begin to have no doubt. We have just learned that it comes out with a sculptural blonde that is the living image of Diletta Leotta, but not happy with that, Can Yaman has been linked to the double of Demet Özdemir. It seems that he was looking for them with magnifying glass!

¿La echas de menos, Can?

When we find out that he has been dating Giorgia Colombo for a few months (Perfect clone of Diletta Leotta, as you could see), Can Yaman goes and linked double Demet Özdemir. But you get a hair! How, when and where the protagonist of Violeta has been seen as the sea with Demet 2?

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Tranquis, que hasta donde sabemos no han cortado Giorgia y él.

Here is the proof that Can Yaman is seen with the double of his ex, Demet Özdemir

Well, everything happened in Tortoreto, a municipality on the east coast of Italy and inside its break the wall. As always, Can came made a brush, with one of those open and fluid shirts and his loose hair. The reception was bestial, as always. And you know, then Autographs and selfis come with women of all ages and children. And, in the midst of that mess, a double of Demet Özdemir was planted that was delighted to take the photo with Can Yaman, morritos included!

Meanwhile, we are still waiting for our country to come to promote your series

Starting the filming of Sandokán (finally) and, if it takes a long time, it will have the Film commitment agenda. Go, can, what costs you, if you are next to it!

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