Why do we say that Demet Özdemir and Shakira’s divorces are identical? It is not that the actress of ‘Dreaming bird’ has given him to make a session with Bizarrap, no. Nor that Oguzhan Koç has been lined with a twenty fellow. However, both share an aversion towards something of their ex that makes them twin souls.

Shaki, tienes una nueva amigui.

You already know that separation processes are always chungos, and let’s not say if it is celebrities. We saw it with Shakira and Piqué and we are seeing it with Demet Özdemir and Oguzhan Koç. Although the Colombian thing has broken all trolley records, that must also be granted. But as for the Turkish actress, they have transcended some of the reasons for their breakup. And we have to say that The divorces of Demet Özdemir and Shakira look much more than no one could imagine.

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Definitivamente, a Piqué no se parece, no.

The divorces of Demet Özdemir and Shakira have a person in common

The love stories of one and the other are not very similar, but Those of heartbreak have enough to do.

el detalle que ha arruinado la boda de Demet
  • Que Demet y Oguzhan iniciaron su separación a raíz de la celebración del cumpleaños de esta, que terminó, como ya te contamos, como el rosario de la aurora.
  • Que la actriz se largó a casa de una amiga a dormir y a partir de ahí poco más se supo de la pareja.
  • Que tuvo un lío con un director de una serie mientras estaba casada.
  • Que quizá se precipitó casándose con Oguzhan porque no ha olvidado a Can Yaman.

That is what we know. What we have discovered now and that connects Demet with Shakira is … The mother -in -law.

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The in -laws, the trigger of the divorces of both celebs

Yes. According to the If i Don’t Tell program, of Turkish television, the mother of Oguzhan Koç Would have been a decisive factor when breaking. and although Shakira exploded with the whole story of Clara Chia, the truth is that he did not endure his mother -in -law either.

We not only saw it and listened to the already mythical Bizarrap session, but apparently his mutual hatred goes much further. We have all seen the witch looking at Piqué’s parents’ house, and it has also been commented that they reached the hands. Be that as it may, Shaki and Demet already have a reason to get together and sing that “women don’t cry, women invoice.”

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