Has already begun the filming of ‘Yçok Seversen’, the project that will have our very Lady Kerem over the next months. And speaking of liad, what possibilities are there to happen … that? We have asked the traditional horoscope, the Chinese horoscope and the numerology about the compatibility between Kerem and Hafsanur.

The love compatibility between two people can be influenced by several factors: that is why we wanted Different prediction: horoscope, Chinese horoscope and numerology. Let’s see what the stars say now that they are already in full filming process.

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Sensitivity and curiosity: the traditional horoscope makes them complementary

Let’s start with the Traditional horoscope.

Pisces is a sign of water, known for its sensitivity and empathy. Piscians are usually romantic and dreamers, and Look for a deep connection with their partner. On the other hand, Gemini is a sign of air, characterized by its curiosity and versatility. Geminians Tend to be communicative and sociable, and need intellectual stimuli in their relationships.

Como buena Piscis, Hafsanur es una romántica de manual.

This combination can be Interesting, since both signs have complementary qualities. Pisces can provide Gemini emotional understanding and stability, while Gemini can inspire Pisces with his ingenuity and energy.

Energía e ingenio son dos de las características de un Géminis como Kerem.

Kerem and Hafsanur’s compatibility according to the Chinese horoscope

As for the Chinese horoscope, Hafsanur was born in the dragon’s year, while Kerem was born in the year of the pig. the dragon is considered a sign full of energy and charisma. Those born under this sign are usually Brave, ambitious and full of passion. On the other hand, the pig is a Kind, generous and compassionate sign. pigs are usually loyal and committed to their relationships.

Kerem, nacido en el año del Cerdo, es, según este horóscopo, una persona muy leal en sus relaciones afectivas.

This combination can be Favorable, since the dragon can contribute emotion and adventure to the life of the pig, while the pig can provide the dragon with stability and emotional support.

Carisma y sentido de la aventura definen a Hafsanur según el horóscopo chino.

What does numerology say?

Well, we have already seen that the two previous options give them very high compatibility. Finally, let’s see what the Numerology says. To do this, we will add the digits of the birth dates of both individuals and reduce the result to a single digit.

Hafsanur was born on March 20, 2000, which is reduced to 2+0+3+2+0+0+0 = 7. Kerem, meanwhile, was born on June 4, 1983, which is reduced to 4+6+1+9+8+3 = 31, and then 3+1 = 4. Hafsanur has a life number 7, indicating a Reflective and spiritual personality. people with this number tend to be analytical and look for a deep connection in their relationships.

Reflexión de Hafsanur frente a capacidad de trabajo de Kerem: la numerología ha hablado.

On the other hand, Kerem has a life number 4, indicates stability and practical sense. People with this number are usually Workers and committed.

So the Numerology also gives them a positive projection. Only time will say it.

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