Blanca Paloma draws attention by taking a kind of cane when arriving at Amsterdam.

Blanca Paloma is in a time of not stopping since the most anticipated date of the year where we will dazzle everyone is getting closer. We have last seen this weekend at Amsterdam on April 15 and then in London on Sunday April 16.

They have received it as one of the favorites among the European public between ovations and applause. She has a lot of advantage for the final since apart from having a prodigious voice, she has a great capacity to excite the public.

In each Preparations that has been held as Eurovision 2023, the Spanish candidate has not ceased to surprise us playing the mistake. And this time it has been rather a scare that we did not expect. Well, the singer when he arrived in Amsterdam and getting out of the bus carried with him a kind of Bast or elongated object that has impacted us and that has brought many unknowns. Was Injured Blanca Paloma by doors of the final?

What carries in the white hand Paloma upon arriving in Amsterdam?

There are many doubts that the singer makes us have about the object he carried in the last Preparation . It could be a Crutch, a cane or something elongated that has confused us at times, coming to believe that she was injured and could not make the piece of performance that is mounted in each performance. >

Well, we have finally resolved it and we have been able to breathe quietly from relief. It is a Violin arc that the singer has introduced as a surprise in the performance in Amsterdam and London.

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