The controversial couple formed by Hande Erçel and Millionaire Hakan Sabanci is giving much to talk about this infidelity.

And it seems that the fans were waiting for Hakan Sabanci to commit the first slip to tell Hande Erçel: “We told you!”

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infidelidad del novio de Hande Erçel

And see that the couple had started well. First, furtive encounters in several discos and Istanbul restaurants, then a trip to Disneyland Paris, where we could see them hand in hand. Then some statements at the airport where they no longer hid that they were a couple and then all digital media announcing hype and saucer that were A new couple in the famous firmament.

The relationship between Hande Erçel and Hakan Sabanci is in danger

And look that they are already involved to families since Hakan has presented Hande to his mother and Hande to his older sister Gamze , but hey, what he has After this time, no one has seen it come. That is so.

According to the news of the Turkish media ‘Söylemezsem Olmaz’ın’, this week Hakan Sabanci Followed the South African model Lené Voigt.

And after that, Hakan Sabanci Gave ‘like’ to this photo of the model .

And of course, the fans who already know the fame he has in Turkey Hakan Sabanci, immediately Went to the defense of Hande Erçel shaving the behavior to Hakan Sabanci. Look look.

A follower from Hande Erçel is chiva to the protagonist of ‘Love is in the air’: “Hande Erçel, look what your dear boyfriend is doing while you are together. What a great game! ” and accompany your message with several smiling emojis …

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What has Hande Erçel done after this ‘infidelity’ of her boyfriend Hakan Sabanci?

It seems that Nothing about it . Normal since your relationship is starting and Is soon to discover if this Like has been out of inertia , because your finger has escaped, because they are friends or because they feel like it but there is nothing else. The truth is that for Hande’s fans, this movement confirms the fame of ‘Latin Lover’ of the Millionaire that seems that Will not be able to take a false step without being caught. we will continue informing.

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