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We know what the name Kerem Bürsin and its equivalent in Spanish means

Many of the Turkish names have a meaning and an equivalent to a Spanish name. Look at Kerem Bürsin.

The name Kerem Bürsin is Turkish origin and translates into Spanish as a “generous friend.” Kerem is a Turkish name that relates to Kindness, goodness and generosity . Bürsin, meanwhile, refers to a Loyal and faithful friend .

In Spain, the equivalent name could be “Carlos Amigo”, since Carlos is a popular name and friend is a translation free of “Bürsin.”

As for the temperament of the people who bear this name, it is believed that they are generous, kind and friendly people. They are loyal and you can always Trust in them, and value the Interpersonal relationships above all. They are also characterized by being friendly and comprehensive people. However, they can also be a bit timid and reserved sometimes.

It is worth mentioning that this type of characteristics and personality are general and that each person is unique and different. It cannot be generalized and less with Kerem Bürsin that we all know that it is unique and unrepeatable.

So you know, in the next series in which you see Kerem Bürsin, remember that if In Spain, his name would be Carlos Amigo . Not so bad.

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