We know what Serenay Sarikaya earns. And we know because of it (or thanks to) an indignant actor with him. With the salary, I can’t get yourself, we mean. Of course, sit if you are standing because you are going to stay with the accounts we have thrown.

“¿Tengo cara de estar forrada? Pues lo estoy, lo estoy”.

If there were a ranking of better paid Turkish actors with their corresponding salaries to the side, Serenay Sarikaya would be on the podium, we have no doubt. Nor can we doubt that above, Kerem Bürsin and Can Yaman (Aaaay, Amiguis, the salary gap also reaches the richest). From the latter we tell you what the Turk is winning by chapter , and now We have discovered what Serenay Sarikaya earns. quite imposing, the Truth.

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A veteran actor distributed zascas among young people (and also caught Pinar Deniz)

Everything started in an interview that did Nuri Alço, a veteran actor on the Turkish screen. Nuri has been working since the 70s on television and cinema, and was talking about what he currently sees on the small screen. And, of course, the interpreter, who At almost 72 years is still active, did not miss the opportunity to release a couple of collejitas to young talents today.

Pinar Deniz también recibió de Nuri, y no fue nada bueno precisamente.

The first to receive was Pinar Deniz, although not directly, but its Family secrets. Nuri confessed to being hooked to the series, but also commented that it was beginning to be very repetitive: “I’m fed up with this show,” he acknowledged. “The team is good, but they are lengthening it a lot.”

Nuri revealed what Serenay Sarikaya earns

Then he compared his time of successes, mainly the eighties and ninety, with the new generation of Turkish actors. And there he released what Serenay Sarikaya earns. “There are astronomical figures. Serenay [Sarikaya] Perceives 850,000 lires per episode. ” Translated to euros, the protagonist of Aile carries 315,000 euretes in the seven episodes that he has issued, and would have another 360,000 in the bank for Shahmaran. “We We worked for free, ”said the actor (exaggerating a bit, of course) to explain the enormous difference between his time and the current one.

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Fotograma de la serie Aile
Con lo que lleva ganado solo en ‘Aile’, Serenay se puede comprar una buena mansión en Turquía.

As for each chapter of Medcezir it would even take half, Serenay Sarikaya would have obtained only by that Project almost two million euros. who caught them!

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