As you hear, the footballer Leonel Messi has made the most overwhelming and crazy donation of which we have news so far. We tell you.

Everyone is turning to those affected by the earthquake of Turkey, because of the cruel of the situation and how difficult it is being the rescue of the Survivors because of the cold that hit Turkey.

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The fear that there will be some kind of earthquake replica run against rescue teams that need help. Blankets, electrogen equipment, food, tents, medicines, health personnel … a catastropic cattle of proportions that, with what you just did, you will surely be more bearable.

Messi breaks the pig – really – and makes a galactic donation like him.

As soon as you learn that Leonel Messi has just donated 3.5 million euros for those affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

Without a doubt, this amount can be expedited and the rescue work since The first hours are fundamental to succeed finding bodies alive.

This is a donation that will undoubtedly sit a before and after especially for Cristiano Ronaldo that you already know that he always compares with the Argentine and may even be picked up and tries to upload his donation I don’t know … to 5 million? It seems to us well.

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