We have learned of the price of the dresses, footwear, jewelry and hairdressing of Hande Erçel in Cannes. Take out the calculator. But take it to the balcony, which is going to smoke .

There has been a before and after for the prota of Love is in the air after passing through Cannes. Somehow, he has officially jumped to the International Arena and, in addition, has formalized his relationship with Hakan Sabanci. Now, on top of that, we have known The price of everything that Hande Erçel wore (hairstyles included) and there are zeros to the right to bore.

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What have cost the dresses that Hande Erçel wore in Cannes?

Of the most iconic looks he has carried, we highlight three, all made by Turkish origin. The orange and purple models that wore in the Magnum event are haute couture, made by Hakaan Yildirim, and are not available. But there is talk of about 3,000 euros each.

The third and perhaps the most symbolic of all for being with the one he presented in society to his boyfriend is wonderful. A black dress with a huge sequin lazada on the chest, created by Inan Kirdemir for Valentino. It is Valued at 11,197 euros.

The price of Hande Erçel footwear

Only the Shoes who wore with Valentino’s dress, of the same firm, cost 1,450 euros. Specialized Turkish media estimate More than 3,000 euros the footwear spending and approximately double in bags.

Los zapatos son de la colección Nite-Out de Valentino.

Makeup and hairdressing

Let’s review: with the orange minivesty type corsé we wore a tall bun; with purple dress, loose and marked hair with large waves; With the black dress, the smooth hair. Well, these hairdressing sessions (and makeup, we imagine) have come out of 4,000 Euritos of nothing. There are times that I spend less.

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And here comes the fat. Only with the Valentino dress looked earrings and two rings of pomellate valued, in total, in 25,000 Euritos. the average annual salary in Spain, summarizing.

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