Pain has returned to the door of the actress, who had to hurry from Italy to be with her own. We have seen Hande Erçel on her grandfather’s funeral and she is logically shattered.

That someone like the protagonist of Iki Yabanci, so given selfis to his Instagram account, stops in dry, is a sign of something serious. You already know that her grandfather’s grandfather has just died because of cancer, something that made her return precipitously from Italy, where she was next to her boyfriend, Hakan Sabanci. And We have been able to see Hande Erçel at his grandfather’s funeral, with his family and broken pain.

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An intimate ceremony

Although the interpreter is well known in Turkey, the farewell to her grandfather was celebrated In the strictest family atmosphere. The amount of media that moved to Bandirma, a city of Turkey in the Marmara region and south of Istanbul.

Hande, con sus abuelos paternos.

Was Hande Erçel’s boyfriend at the funeral?

That is the big question. Since they were together and that they had to come back in a hurry, we understand that By logic hakan should have been to her side, but …

De Hakan no hemos sabido nada…

There is not a single track that tells us that it was so. In fact, in the few images that have transcended the lucid event, Hakan neither is nor expected. Suspicious. Will you have any kind of family prohibition so as not to be seen in the company of your girlfriend’s family? would not surprise us after the number of the plane.

Fired with military honors

As we already told you, Metin was a military noncommissioned officer, so, after the funeral prayer, he had a military ceremony to give him the last goodbye in the Haydar çavuş cemetery. Next to Hande was the whole paternal family of her and also Her sister, Gamze, who wanted to say goodbye to her grandfather and who was also specially affected. From we want to wish the two a lot of encouragement and strength.

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