Are bad times for the prota of ‘Shahmaran’. The images of the Buraz Deniz fight, which cost him a lawsuit from his partner Nilperi şahinkaya, just filtered. We have the full video.

If all the Forecasts have been fulfilled, Burak Deniz and Hande Erçel will take a couple of weeks rolling Iki yabanci , series of which we already gave you all the details.

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But what should be a reason for happiness for the interpreter has obscured: the images of the Burak Deniz fight in a hotel have come to light: The fight that faced actress Nilperi şahinkaya and Necmi Deniz and who sent him to trial.

Burak Deniz’s fighting images cloud its image

After testifying last month, and when I thought it could happen page, it turns out that A video has been leaked that the journalist Birsen Altuntas collects and that we go on to show you:

In the video we can see a fairly altered Burak, getting away from his companions and reaching the edge of the fight, but to his hands, with Necmi Deniz. But who is definitely not is Nilperi. And This is being held by Burak fans.

Burak support messages flood the networks

Next to the video, which some accounts have reproduced, the following message is reproduced: “Yes, #Burakdeniz went from drinks and made show with the boyfriend and friends of #nilperi, but she lied, she never was there because she was there because she Burak is barely arrives and he Never addresses her but the boyfriend, clearly if he had offended her the boyfriend would not be left calm. ”

That is, the Base Nilperi’s demand against Burak seems to have no basis. What will the thing be now? Will Burak ask that Nilperi retracte?

Meanwhile, the filming of ‘Iki Yabanci’ continues

We do not know how this sad episode will end, but Burak Deniz has decided to concentrate on his work to leave him behind as soon as possible. It has been a bad streak, crowned by his rupture with Serenay Sarikaya. In addition, he has the incentive of working with Hande Erçel, who is not only one of the best actresses of Turkish series, but also A name with a lot of pull worldwide, and with which he already had The fate of acting in Hayat, love without words.

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