The protagonist of ‘Love is in the air’ tired of waiting. While Hande Erçel exhibits her new love in media and social networks, her ex has not remained still and has let the love enter into her life. We tell you who is Kerem Bürsin’s new girlfriend and we show you the first photos.

Posado de Kerem Bürsin en la playa
¿Le habrá dado envidia a Kerem el viajecito en yate de su ex con Hakan Yabanci y quiere competir con ella?

No hot cloths: Hande Erçel’s ex is no longer alone. And no, it is not Danla Bilic, with whom he was related lately. Kerem Bürsin’s new girlfriend is not an actress or model. but it’s beautiful, we are already notifying you.

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Kerem Bürsin’s new girlfriend: influencer, gorgeous and blonde

We housed hope to see Kerem again and Hande being Hankers, but for now he will not be able to be. While the protagonist of Iki Yabanci Disc, Has said enough.

Mehtap Algül, presunta nueva novia de Kerem Bürsin, en un primer plano
Todo apunta a que Kerem está saliendo con Mehtap desde poco después de conocerse el noviazgo de Hande Erçel y Hakan Yabanci. ¿Se habrá rendido?

The girl in question is called Mehtap Algül and it is a beauty that could go through Scandinava: blonde, with green eyes, gorgeous and lover of minimalist tattoos. It is a Influencer famous in Turkey that brings together, today, More than 400,000 followers on Instagram. Adding Charms to your basic bracelet and that is neither made of bread nor give.

This has been the rapid and torrid history between Kerem and Mehtap

According to the Turkish online Hürriyet, both would be known and it seems that the thing is going to the stern. Other means venture to ensure that Kerem would have already proposed marriage.

Mehtap Algül, presunta nueva novia de Kerem Bürsin, en un medio plano en su cocina
La bellísima nueva novia de Kerem Bürsin comparte en sus redes sociales consejos de belleza y nutrición.

Apparently, the couple met some time ago, but they have been dating friends. However, The spark of love has recently turned on and are cast by each other. So much, there could be a wedding in sight.

Mehtap Algül, presunta nueva novia de Kerem Bürsin, en primer plano picado y mirando hacia arriba
Hay medios que hablan ya de propuesta de matrimonio. ¡Stop! ¿Por qué hay que correr tanto?

What are the possibilities that Kerem and Mehtap marry?

Well, it would not be the first time that Bürsin stays at the gates of a link. He already happened with Serenay Sarikaya, with whom he broke for disagreements about the union between them. On the other hand, Turkish media report that The break between Hande and Kerem was the result of the pressures of the producers, who found more interesting that they were separated. That is, they Were still loving when they left him. What will happen? What mystery will there be? Well, that we will continue telling you how this soap opera progresses.

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