Is a ray of hope, but we have the proof that Cansu Dere is alive and we will tell you.

With the disappearance of tired we are Especially worried . Since last February 6, several earthquakes would sweep the south of Turkey and part of Syria, We have not had news of it . In fact, everything we know, dates back to the dates before the earthquake and Are not good news at all.

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We know that Cansu Dere Was invited to Spain to collect the ‘Viña de Oro’ award next to Melis Sezen, but food poisoning prevented our country from coming to our country letting her friend picked him out alone in A gala in which he even met María del Monte. Fantasy.

After this, the next one we learned was the terrible fire that swept his house and that if at first It was thought that it had been because of their cats that could cause it by throwing A burning candle , in the end the firefighters discovered that Everything had happened because of a short circuit in a cable in poor condition.

After this, we did not have news of The actress of ‘unfaithful’ . On February 6 and after the earthquake the rumor that Cansu could be found among the lifeless rubble, was published by several digital and we all ran to look for some news of the artist without success.

Anything was worth and even We clung to the image of a girl with a red cap organizing food in a logistic help center that was incredibly similar to her, but in the end it turned out to be the actress < Strong>Öykü Karayel who kept an incredible resemblance to tired Dere.

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After this the news of Cansu Dere was that it did not appear on the telemarathon that they offered in several Turkish chains and to which the main protagonists of Turkish Dizis were invited, which worried us again.

Any indication is worth confirming that Cansu Dere is alive

And it has been today when we have discovered a detail that Has returned hope to find Tired alive thanks to this comment on Twitter:

Carlos M with a very good eye had noticed that Cansu dere that despite not being very active in social networks, he had made a movement: Had followed a person new.

His score of followed Had increased in a user , which returns hope why he is fine and that all he is doing is not to share his life on social networks.

Only We want you to tire be well and that everything is the result of a bad streak that is taking tired to Momentarily retired from social life.

As soon as we find ourselves about More news of Cansu Dere , we will let you know.

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