Little by little tests are leaked that would lead us to the confirmation that Kerem Bürsin has a new girlfriend, it is that beautiful and lawyer. Look at it.

And since a few days ago the rumor that unites the protagonist of ‘Love is in the air’, Kerem Bürsin with the lawyer Busra Akture began to circulate, to our writing they do not stop arriving images and tests sometimes more times subtle that others would show that the two are together.

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nuevas fotos de la novia de Kerem Bürsin

We have had photos of the table of the Kerem Bürsin hall (when he taught us his collection of Lego) but that appeared in the Ig of Busra account:

We have had a photo of the supposed breakfast that Kerem himself would have prepared to Busra and even images of polaroid photos in which the unmistakable Kerem scarf could be clearly seen and that he would show that he went through the busy birthday party .

novia abogada de Kerem Bürsin

Now we have A couple of track /p>

Kerem Bürsin’s tests with Akture Busra come from Twitter.

And it is that the tweet Andreakeko1959 has just revealed a couple of photos (one more evident than another) that would discover the relationship that is beginning between Kerem Bürsin and Busra.

Kerem Bürsin’s arm on the bus couch

Our friend Andrea has realized that in the upper left corner an arm appears and assumes that Is that of Kerem . In addition, she launches a warning to Kerem Bürsin himself: “Do not take long to present your girlfriend in society or the same can happen as with Stephanie Cayo.” And you know that Stephanie Cayo was seen with Kerem, but has been decided by Maxi Iglesias.

And finally, Andrea also shows a photo that she thinks she is taken with Kerem Bürsin’s Leica due to the complexity of the shot.

Ok, these two new tracks Are not definitive , but it must also be said that when the river sounds, water carries and that it seems that at least Kerem bürsin is a good friend of busa . Judging by the amount of photos together that are appearing, between the two, There could be something else.

We will continue informing.

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