Fresh news! Data on the new Kerem Bürsin series have been leaked and they will surprise you … For many reasons. We have a plot, start date and even some data that will remind you of your ex, Hande Erçel.

Kerem se pone ya pero ya a currar en su nueva serie.

There was a desire for Serkan to get in front of the cameras and it seems that this will happen before what you think. We already knew what her partner will be, actress Hafsanur Sancaktan, but Now we have been filled with the new Kerem Bürsin series and this very young performer who reminds us a lot of Hande.

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In the new Kerem Bürsin series this will give life to a rich heir

Apparently, Kerem Has been taking advantage of his convalescence to read different scripts, and has finally stayed with one of which the title has not transcended, not even the provisional. But we do know his character: he will be called Oguz and will play a rich and stubborn heir that comes from a very wealthy family. Oguz constantly contravene the wishes of this … Does the plot sound like you?

A plot that reminds us of Hande Erçel

Knowing how the character that, remember, Kerem himself has chosen to interpret, we have not been able to remember Hande Erçel in his relationship with Hakan Sabanci (with whom they say there could be reconciliation: we will have to wait ).

Hande Erçel subiendo unas escaleras con un vestido negro de lunares blancos

But not only that. As we already told you, Kerem and Hafsanur congensed a thousand wonders in the trials, something that those responsible for Ay Yapim did not expect given the age difference. Well, Hafsanur’s character is called Leyla. You sound familiar? Claaaaaro: This is also called that of Hande Erçel in Iki yabanci . Isn’t it a coincidence that the new Kerem Bürsin series and that of its ex have the same name as a female protagonist?

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Hande Erçel y Burak Deniz besándose
En la nueva serie de Hande y Burak Deniz, ella también se llama Leyla.

What do you start to roll? Right now!

And this is the other news we have for Kerem fans. The actor loves to shoot in summer, and would have requested to start working in June. That means that, with a little luck, His series and that of his ex would be released practically at the same time. Are competition being done? Hum …

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