The year 2023 will undoubtedly become the great year of the protagonist of ‘Iki Yabanci’. The new Hande Erçel movie is added to the premiere of this series. We have photos and many juicy data.

Cartel promocional de la película
¿Se puede estar más guapa?

This year will be, except for surprises, the year we finally see Iki Yabanci, the series that Kerem Bürsin’s former will star alongside Burak Deniz. But we will also have Hande Erçel’s new movie! Apparently, it is now in the process of postproduction and We are going to freak out the role of the actress.

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‘Love drunk’, the possible title of Hande Erçel’s new movie

Let’s start with the original title: MASTE ESHGH. Translated it would become something like “drunk of love” and, since the provisional title in English is Drunk on love, it is highly likely that Drunk of love be the chosen one In our language.

Escena de rodaje de la nueva película de Hande Erçel
Hassan Fathi, el director de la nueva película de Hande Erçel, dando instrucciones a uno de los protagonistas.

Has Hande Erçel gone to Iran?

Well … no, it doesn’t seem. But the director of the film, Hassan Fahti, is from that country. Fahti is an experienced director of Telefilmes and Series, and this film is a co -production of Turkey and Iran. Much of the cast is Turkish, although in the cast there are, we have counted, three Iranian actors.

What is the new Hande Erçel movie?

To start, we will tell you that it is a Biopic of a famous Persian poet and Persian thinker of the thirteenth century, yalāl ad-dīn Muhammad Rūmī, known simply as Rūmī.

Primer plano de Hande Erçel
El papel de Hande es esencial en la trama.

In the film there is talk of His friendship with another poet of the time, shams-i tabrīzī, the respect and admiration that mutually professed and also the most personal side of both, including his religiosity And his loves. He was a very influential figure in the Iranian culture; That’s why they wanted to move their lives to the screen.

Escena de la película de Hande Erçel
Al parecer, se eligió a Hassan Fathi por cómo cuida hasta el último detalle en este tipo de superproducciones históricas. Para muestra, un botón.

Hande Erçel gives life to Kimya Hatun, the lover of shams and steps of Rūmī. those who have already spoken to you.

When it premieres?

, according to the most influential pages of film, This is the year in which we can watch the new Hande Erçel movie. was finished shooting in 2021 (time, by the way, in which Hankers was still a reality, snif), but we imagine that the pandemic will have delayed the deadlines. First it will be released as a film, surely in its countries of origin; Then, it will be transferred to six -chapter miniseries and Will be released directly on platforms. we bet on Netflix, but you never know! Let us know, there is still no signed agreement.

Primer plano de Hande Erçel girando la cabeza
Este papel puede suponer un salto definitivo para Hande.

Of course, this step to the big screen is undoubtedly a quality leap for our favorite Turkish actress. Good luck, Hande!

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