Starts the filming of the next Kerem Bürsin series with Hafsanur Sancaktan and we already have promotional photos and the first day of trial! And not only that: we also have videos, scenes between scenes … Canelita in branch we bring you, today you will not be able to complain!

The series previously known as Gün işığım, starring Kerem Bürsin and Hafsanur Sancaktan, is already underway. We say “previously known” because it seems now called Körkütük (we scared, in Spanish), since it has had to change the name for a subject of rights. But well, that gives us the same, really. We go to the nougat: We have photos of the first reading, we have promotional photos, we have costume trial videos, we have everything and we need to share it already with fans!

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Kerem Bürsin and Hafsanur read the script of the series and we have the photos

On Wednesday, June 7, the script reading began, as we told you. Well, here you have the two protas, Delight to meet and start with a series that paints great:

Kerem we see him very happy, smiling, with his baseball cap and visor back (normal, because he will shade and he will read Regulinchis). And next to him Hafsanur with which it seems that it will be his hairstyle for the series: wavy and loose.

Why do we know what is going to be? Because there are also images of the Photo shoot with which they will promote the series:

Stay with the look, because posters and Internet photos will carry this image. Both are dressed Of blue from top to bottom, they pose for the camera and form what is going to be the couple of the year in Turkish fiction (with permission from Hande Erçel and Burak Deniz).

And, between bambalins …

Hafsanur and Kerem have signs on more than one occasion of how well they get along and the Good rollazo they give off. We also see it in the costume test images, which both uploaded to their respective Stories of Instagram:

“We are starting!” Says Kerem. From now on and to the premiere, which as planned will be in July, our boys and the rest of the cast put the batteries to give us One of those Dizis that will make history.

¿De qué va ‘Körkütük’?

Ogüz, who gives life Kerem Bürsin, suffers the loss of his father and inherits a business emporium. But he also asks that, in return, he takes care of his brothers, born of a second marriage of the father. These are small, and Ogüz will hire Leyla (Hafsanur) to make a nanny. What a desire to start now!

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