Violet has received numerous insults from his followers due to a racist controversy. Instead of being quiet, he has reacted bluntly.

The influencer Violeta Mangriñán has received all kinds of insults in his Instagram account to get wet on a controversial issue that currently floods all the media. >

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Returning from her express trip to Florence, the collaborator of Telecinco published a story pronouncing on the controversial case of racism that has witnessed the Spanish league. This is the Real Madrid player vinicius, who has been the protagonist of one of the many cases of Racism in the football fields.

The Influencer has not given credit and has uploaded a post of the El Chiringuito program in support of the player. “A stadium shouts‘ mono ’to a player and I have to think about getting it out, something happens in this league”, said the post.

Violeta explodes against the insults of his followers

After spreading that post for their Stories, Violeta has not stopped receiving Insults by some followers who do not agree on the controversy. “The amateur people of the Valencia Soccer Club, insulting me by private message for being Valencian and criticizing racist behaviors by the love of my colleague Vini.”

Violeta states that although she is from Barça and Valenciana, Vini is a friend of Fabio and emphasizes that racist behaviors have nothing to do with sport. “It is racism and is not tolerated.” “I am very scared of what I am reading”, affirmed the influencer.

Minutes later a Story has risen where Vini appears with her partner Fabio and she between the two when she was still pregnant, showing the close relationship they have with the player. “We love you and admire you. No to racism ”, we can read about the photo.

Although it has not been the only Celeb to pronounce on this, we do know that Violeta is among the celebrities who have received insults for positioning the side of Vini. Very sad that this is still happening.

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