We will throw some hope on the premiere of ‘Viola Come Il Mare’ by Can Yaman in Spain.

Since last year the Can Yaman series and the Miss Italy Francesca Chillemi, ‘Viola Come Il Mare’ were released, we have not stopped dreaming that at some point it was released in our country and today finally We have some light on a possible broadcast of the series in our country.

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Viola come il mare en España

It seems that we can finally enjoy the Unresolved sexual tension and the adventures of Viola and the inspector Francesco Demir in our country, since the series is gradually landing in other countries what It means that Will nothing in our country.

Viola Come Il Mare is already in Poland

Since February 8, the Poles can already enjoy with this romantic/police series starring Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi that Will be broadcast on the Axn channel Adria every Wednesday at 9 pm.

And you will ask yourself, it is worth but When does ‘Viola eat il mare’ in Spain? >Since usually The deployment of new titles is carried out in several countries at the same time, so it is only necessary to check if we have ‘viola eat il mare’ on the grill of Mediaset shortly.

In Crush.News we already tell you that after the filming of ‘El Turco’, Can Yaman will return to Italy To shoot the second season of ‘Viola’ that he has had such success, which has renewed By Canale 5 another year.

Argument of ‘Viola Come il Mare’

Viola Come Il Mare tells the story of Viola Vitale (Francesca Chillemi), a journalist who moves from Paris to Palermo in search of his father whom he never met. There he begins to work for a digital medium covering events and criminal issues for what will have to collaborate with the inspector Francesco Demir (Can Yaman) who is A born seducer but with a great talent for the Research . The temperaments of Francesco and Viola Collide in a sexual tension chapter after chapter while trying to solve all kinds of crimes trying that their opposite temperaments not explode. In addition Viola suffers synesthesia and is capable of Connect emotions with colors so when looking at a person he is able to see the color he emits, which allows him to read his deeper feelings, something that will help Francesco resolve the most diverse cases. Little by little it will be discovered that it violates a secret even greater than that of its synesthesia and is Who has made it back to Palermo.

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