This piqué sequence behaving like a rude and selfish is what we need to see and we need you to see it too.

Bicheando on Twitter we have encountered An distressing video starring Gerard Piqué. The former Player is again he

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Clara Chia’s boyfriend should not be going through his best moment. After his sound rupture with Shakira, he has been the target of a couple of songs in which hers Shakira’s ex disappear, staying very comfortable. One with the BZRP producer and another next to the Colombian singer Karol G who are sweeping millions of listeners. We imagine that they put you as a rag day and day too Sour the character to anyone and that is just what may be happening to Piqué in this video.

I piqué the rude: the networks sentence

Normal people accept and the couple can enjoy the show or flight ‘making little hands’, but this time Did not expect what was going to happen.

For more inri, the couple is that of the Barcelona player of Jong and his girlfriend who cannot believe what is happening before their eyes.

Piqué not only does not get up but answers badly and reluctantly with a “leave me alone and look for the life that I am watching the game.” And of course, the networks have exploded against Piqué with all kinds of qualifiers nothing affectionate.

And what do you think. Do you think Piqué does well by not giving the site A of Jong and his girlfriend or do you think he does not have to get up? The debate is served.

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