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Angelis’s victory falls again in his addiction

Victoria who is famous for his Long blonde hair that frames his face, his two amazing blue eyes and a slender figure, has taken another step leaving all hallucinated fans.

Angelis’s addiction: tattoos

Of the whole band composed of Damiano, Victoria, Ethan and Thomas, the most tattooed is undoubtedly David who carries tattoos of all kinds. In his body images with texts such as “The dance of life”, title of the first Maneskin album are mixed. Damiano, Victoria, Ethan and Thomas, during their first trips to London after ‘X Factor’, also made a tattoo that united them even more as a band.

But now Victoria has decided to add some new designs to your body

After the United States tour and participation in the Grammys, the Maneskin returned to Rome to appear at the Sanremo Festival as guests. These days are busy in the Study preparing the issues for the European tour and Italian that will lead them to be away from home for a long time. Between essays, Victoria always finds time to relax and go out with her sister Verónica and her friends of a lifetime, and how not To give free rein to her addiction and become some other tattoo. >

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Fans have reacted and although it is true that most have loved the tattoo, others make clear vic: “another one? Do not ruin your goddess body ”, which makes it clear, that it never rains to everyone’s taste.

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