Vicky, the bisexual tempting and fond of trios, exploits these words against those who confuse their sexual orientation that he calls ‘Hunga Hunga’.

If this edition of ‘The island of temptations’ is characterized by something, it is because Participants do not shut up and use social networks to clarify concepts a lot Before it has been released the program . The first has been Keyla Suárez, the temporary tempting man who has decided to use Tiktok to make things clear to those who criticize her and this time, Vicky wanted to close the mouth to all who are confused with her sexual orientation and criticize her in Networks.

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Vicky sticks a real review to those who criticize her first for Her way of dress He was going to appear dressed in first communion and then those who criticize his kiss with victory: “Who has not eaten his mouth with a party friend?” clarified the tempting.

tentadoras bisexuales

His video is A plea against which the garments are planted with his participation in the program , putting in his place the “Hunga Hunga” who look at her When he kisses with his girlfriend at the disco.

They do not want to horn anyone, or sexualize lesbians or bisexuals for heterobsian consumption

Vicky Wants to make it clear that she is free , with an open mind and that all he wants is Live and let live , showing a Free sexuality , adult, healthy and spoiled. Vicky believes that with his attitude he does not harm anyone and that he does not understand why people Shock He wins it. ”

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He also wanted during his video congratulating ‘The island of temptations’ for incorporating a trans tenthrier, a gesture that Vicky likes that the program has Cishetero orientation .

@vickycdiiaz Ante la avalancha de insultos,mensajes,comentarios y demás creo que es necesario hacer este video para que podáis ver mi punto de vista sobre las imágenes que habéis visto de Victoria y yo para La isla de las tentaciones. Si lo podéis compartir lo agradecería 😊🙏 así que nada amigos Hakuna Matata 🤣 #isladelastentaciones6 #lidlt #idlt6 #laisladelastentaciones ♬ sonido original – Vicky Diiaz 🐍

Vicky ha mostrado parte de los artículos y post en los que la han etiquetado. Fuente: TikTok.

After watching the video in which Vicky wants to clarify that she has not entered the reality The temptations’

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