A last minute turn on TVE pisses off the Eurofans, who expect the semifinals anxious.

The rumors of the Eurofans were right and finally has been confirmed. RTVE will broadcast the two Eurovision 2023 semifinals as planned. The first semifinal will broadcast the Tuesday, May 9 , the second on May 11 and the third the May 13 .

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The most serious is the turn that has occurred at the last minute, confirmed following the issuance of a Promo in TVE . Finally, the first semifinal of Eurovision 2023 will move from 1 to The 2 . The reason for this cause is to avoid suspending the second weekly broadcast of Masterchef, as happened in early April (at that time, due to a Copa del Rey game ).

However, TVE has already confirmed that on Thursday 11 the chain will bet on issuing in 1 the second Eurovision semifinal. Although to tell the truth, it is considered the least competitive of this edition. since the Interesting representatives are located in the First semifinal, as is the case of Loreen, and in the third, where our Blanca Paloma .

As for the final of the Saturday, May 13, you can see direct on the first channel (as usual, at 21:00 h ), and more this year, where our representative is one of the favorites.

TVE Pwin to the Eurofans for this last minute decision

As expected, the Eurofans have worsened for this decision. The option to transfer it to The 2 for a kitchen program has not sat very well. Not only that, but obviously issuing it in 1 could exceed the Audience record, and more this year, having Blanca Paloma as one of the favorites. Inevitably on May 9, the first semifinal will have a Less visibility and it will be difficult for him to reach beyond the Eurofán public.

Some comments such as “A great shit”, “tremendous boredom” Semifinal will take place the Loreen performance, the favorite to win Eurovision 2023 with her Tattoo theme.

Hopefully, even if I change the channel, Eurovision receives the reception it deserves.

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