Sara Sáámo appeared in the Goya 2023 without a drop of makeup and it seems that the Turkish actresses already did it long before her. Look at it.

After the Last Goya 2023 gala , actress Sara Sáámo monopolized all eyes when she appeared how beautiful in The blue carpet of the Goya . She according to her own words had decided not to make up for the gala and this was the incredible result.

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A Beauty without additives , natural and Free of tricks and artifice dazzled everyone and all who suspected that although the appearance was not to wear makeup, Sara Sálamo had Makeup very slightly based and corrective but treated in a very subtle way, which brings a Youthful and natural look to his face.

Turkish actresses without makeup

As it already happened with the Tendency not to dye your hair to proudly reveal the gray hair, it seems that Go ‘A washed face’ has also convinced among the women looking for Free themselves from bonds and being natural . And it is that the tendency to show itself without makeup seems that Has been established between the Turkish actresses who have signed up for fashion ‘washed face’ Long before Sara Sáámo put her fashionable in Spain. Look.

Demet Özdemir without makeup

The beautiful actress of ‘Dreamer Bird’ Does not need makeup since its features and beauty challenge any product about it as you can discover in this image.

Hande Erçel without makeup

The prota of ‘Love is in the air’ does not need makeup either and although it is true that light, Hande applies it in a way that Seems that he carries nothing.

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Serenay Sarikaya without makeup

The prota of ‘Shahmaran’ boasts of makeup free skin in its day to day and only makeup for large occasions or photo productions for magazines.

Tired Dere Without Makeup

The famous actress of the series “unfaithful” has a complexion that does not need makeup to look radiant on their social networks.

Pinar Deniz Without Makeup

Although the actress of ‘Love 101’ Pinar Deniz, it is the image of L’Oreal, provided that it can dispenses with these makeup and beauty products to show itself.

Melis Sezen without makeup

Another of those who dare to appear with the ‘washed face’ on Instagram is Melis Sezen, the ‘unfaithful’ actress who recently was doing tourism for our country taking advantage of the fact that the ‘Viña de Oro prizes’

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