The popularity of the Turkish actors is so great that they are already being manufactured of their fun brand toys. Look at the ‘Funko Turco’ collection that we bring you .

You are a good, but good fan, of those that have seen the series of Can Yaman, DeMet Özdemir, Kerem Bürsin or Hande Erçel a thousand times and even his dialogues are known . If you are one of those who follow them in social networks and their life and work are known, this will interest you because a well -known toy brand has launched the Funko replica of our favorite Turkos actors and I don’t know you , but we are already asking us for a place on the shelves of our room.

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We show you the Turkish actors turned into Funko Pop and start with Can Yaman.

Can Yaman Funko

We have not yet found a Funko de Can Yaman disguised as ‘El Turco’, his last series that has just shot in Budapest basically because his character, his wardrobe or hairstyle Are still a secret still , but Of course, Funko’s boys have plenty

Actores turcos se convierten en Funko

Or Can Yaman in his series ‘Dream Bird’

Kerem Bürsin Funko Pop

This is the bomb. Funko’s boys have taken a Replica of the ‘Love is in the air’ actor with his Hector dog who loves.

We also have Kerem Bürsin with Hande Erçel in ‘Love is in the air’ like Serkan Bolan next to Eda, and together they are very good.

Demet Özdemir Funko Pop

Here we have Demet Özdemir in his character of ‘My home, my destiny’ and do not tell me that he is not nail …

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And after this report on the Turkish actors Funko we only have to tell the funko pop boys, but we are going to do it with a gif …

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