A very clear fact is putting the lives of many Turkish actors in danger day after day. We tell you everything.

Unfortunately, the earthquake of magnitude 6.8 that shook the south of Turkey on February 6 has left a A large number of damage and human losses in its wake. The tragedy has put The risk that Turkey faces before the earthquakes and why the country is in danger of total collapse.

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No one is safe in Turkey.

Turkey is found in A very active seismic zone and is located in The Anatolia fault , where the Euroasy and African tectonic tectonic plates are They find and friction with each other. As a result, Turkey has been the scenario of numerous earthquakes in the past and it is very likely that it will continue to suffer more in the future.

The largest cities in Turkey, Such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, have a high population and are at high risk of total collapse in case of an earthquake. According to experts in the field of seismology, Istanbul, with a population of more than 15 million people , has a 60% probability of an earthquake of Magnitude 7.0 or higher in the next 30 years. Ankara, the capital, is also vulnerable to earthquakes and Has a high probability of total collapse.

Istanbul is the preferred city for series producers: Turkish actors in danger

As you will know, The capital of Turkey is Ankara , but the city chosen by the most important series producers has been Istanbul and therefore, also chosen City of residence of the main Turkish actors . From Hande Erçel, his sister Gamze and his niece Mavi, Kerem Bürsin, Burak Deniz, Serenay Sarikaya, Demet Özdemir … Hundreds of actors live in a city that according to the latest reports has a 60% probability of collapsing Over the next few years due to the failure of the country.

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What measures have citizens take before another new earthquake?

It is essential that Turkish citizens know What security measures take in case of an earthquake . The protection of human life must be the highest priority during an earthquake. Here are some key security measures that must be taken:

  1. Buscar un lugar seguro: Busque un lugar seguro tan pronto como sea posible. Manténgase alejado de ventanas, espejos, muebles grandes y objetos que puedan caer.
  2. Cúbrase: Cúbrase la cabeza y el cuello con las manos y agáchese debajo de una mesa o algo similar. Si no hay nada para cubrirse, agáchese en una posición fetal en el suelo y cubra su cabeza y cuello con las manos.
  3. Manténgase alejado de edificios dañados: Manténgase alejado de edificios dañados, ya que pueden ser peligrosos y colapsar en cualquier momento.
  4. Salga con cuidado: Si se encuentra dentro de un edificio, salga cuidadosamente. No utilice los ascensores y busque las escaleras. No corra ni empuje a otras personas.
  5. Espere en un lugar seguro: Después de salir del edificio, espere en un lugar seguro hasta que sea seguro regresar.

Turkey is in danger of total collapse due to its location in an active seismic area and the high probability of earthquakes in the largest cities in the country. It is crucial that Turkish citizens are informed and take adequate security measures to protect their lives during an earthquake. As for our actors, we can only recommend that you be very careful.

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