Marta Riesco has dedicated a few words to Ro after the break with Antonio David .

The journalist Marta Riesco does not stop giving controversies. After a few strange weeks due to the Dismissal of Mediaset , she has communicated a news that she has left us speechless. He has published through Stories on Instagram The rupture of the relationship he had with Antonio David.

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The news has surprised all the people who supported the couple, who have been defending their relationship against all kinds of Insults and bulos for months. Most of the Telecinco viewers positioned Rocío Carrasco in the war she has with Antonio David Flores for a long time. Comments such as “Marta Riesco giving us the Salseo we like” “What starts, badly ends” are those who have immediately flooded social networks

Marta Riesco against Red

It seems that this war has just begun. And it is that Rocío Flores has been dotted with the breakdown of her father and Marta Riesco . The journalist has not only communicated the sad news of her relationship, but has released a burning and direct dart against Antonio David’s daughter. “@rotrece I hope you are happy, you have already achieved what you wanted” Marta said with a hot tone.

After these hard statements, Ro has uploaded an Instagram video with a filter talking to his followers. “I have been going through here all day, this is the best face that you can define today” affirmed the influencer with a speechless gesture.

After that video it seems that Ro has not wanted to give the matter more ball and has continued with his influencer life making Promotions and going to the hairdresser.

The truth is that somehow Rocío Carrasco has achieved what he wanted from the beginning. Separate her father’s partner with Marta Riesco and, it seems that she has worked for the plan. Will this break will be definitive or will there be a ray of hope for the couple?

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