Within his very tight break the wall, the actor of ‘El Turco’ has had several acts in Campania. In one of them, and while he attended his fans, something happened. This was Can Yaman’s question to a follower who almost leaves her breathless … and to us, too.

Can Yaman, vestido de blanco de arriba abajo en un exterior

Igue with Break The Wall and that, as long as he can, he warns with enough time what his next stop will be. Well, on this occasion, and within their actions in Campania (that not campaign acts, which are what politicians do), Can Yaman’s question to one of his followers dislodged to this. Strong>

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Can Yaman’s question that received a resounding answer

One of his stops in Campania was the Bola disco, in Caserta, a city north of Naples. There, the actor could Embrace piles of fans, with which he became infinite selfis and those who signed them all: from a photograph to a perfume! But surely what surprised him most is what led him another of his followers.

The fan in question took a natural size (or almost) in cardboard, to sign it. The actor, surprised by the object, asked the woman who wore him: “Who is more handsome of the two?” Eyes: “You!”

Part of a very ambitious campaign

But Caserta has been just one of his stops: in less than a week he has also visited Castelammare di Stabia and Pompeya, both also in Catania. His idea, the usual: to raise awareness among children, adolescents and young people of the importance of mental health and provide Therapeutic and economic support who need it due to lack of means. As if not wanting it!

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