The protagonist of ‘El Turco’ continues with his break the wall tour, whose funds are destined to help children and adolescents with problems. This tour has been taken by Macerata: the photos of the match and the tender phrase of Can Yaman have left the fans breath. It’s not for less!

Can Yaman con dos alumnos
Can Yaman tuvo la oportunidad de charlar con los alumnos del instituto que visitó en Macerata.

As you know, Can Yaman is spending his time and energies to raise funds for children and adolescents. He does it inside the break the wall tour, where Invites these boys, with his talk, to break that wall that prevents them from overcoming their problems and that is causing such a stir that he has even had to escort him police. On this occasion he passed through the Alberico Gentili Institute, in Macerata, in the center of the country.

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Can Yaman con una alumna del instituto
Los alumnos del Alberico Gentili lo recibieron con los brazos abiertos.

The unfortunate earthquake happened in his native country has made this part of these breaks of these breaks the wall go to Turkey; Specifically, to Those organizations that undertake to help psychologically the relatives of the victims of the catastrophe.

“An example for all”

The mayor of Macerata, the last place that Can Yaman visited, pronounced a few words full of admiration for the actor: “Thanks to actor Can Yaman, who has demonstrated A deep generosity and immense availability Being an example for all, ”he said.

Can Yaman posando con tres agentes de seguridad
Nadie se resistió a inmortalizarse junto al protagonista de ‘El turco’.

The break the wall tour is sponsored by the Institute of Child Neuropsychiatry of Rome. During the meetings, young people have the possibility of meeting and chatting with medical staff and experts in the sector, That allow them to explore the real needs and the nature of their daily problems to overcome them with conscience and intelligence. This is getting one of the most beloved actors on the planet.

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Can Yaman’s tender phrase that has left his fans speechless

The meeting was made visible with countless images of Can Yaman with children and young people who wanted to take selfis with him (come on, what you and I would do if we could). Many of those images, which are the ones you are seeing, the actor himself remains to his social profile.

Can Yaman con una niña besándole en la mejilla
¡Cuánta ternura! ¿Estará planteándose ser papá en un futuro?

Next to them, the tender phrase of Can Yaman that has started sighs and the you: “Some cute moments.” The responses of the fans have been revealing: “what tenderness”, “I love you, can”, “My dear Can Yaman, you are an exemplary man.” In the first 20 hours, the post passed from the 370,000 likes and approached the 7,000 comments.

Can Yaman haciéndose un selfi con una mujer y su hija
Amable y atento como el que más, se prestó a mil y un selfis.

And it is that Where Can Yaman passes, sows love and admiration. what you can see The Turk and have even more reasons to venerate it.

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