Burak Deniz is a megaultrahypermaxyxyaxaxi man (and the same could be said with “controversial”, the truth). The actor, who is in full shooting process of ‘Iki Yabanci’ with Hande Erçel, kept a secret that he has revealed after a while. We know what Burak Deniz likes to do in the car and it’s not driving!

The Iki Yabanci actor has a little tempor in which, surely, he would have wanted to put his head in a hole more than once and two. First, with the fight he caused (and in which he had surely drunk); Then, c On the mess that has been mounted about plagiarism that seems to be Shahmaran both, with demand in between. The Rachita who carries is not even normal.

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Os tengo una sorpresa… Veréis, veréis.

In short, less bad than his work with Hande Erçel focuses a lot, and more considering that they are already known. Will try anything with her now that the actress seems to have cooled her relationship with Hakan Sabanci and he broke her last girlfriend? we hope not, although this boy likes women more than Can Yaman a colleague. And talking about everything, you know what Burak Deniz likes to do in the car? We let you think a little.

What he does in the Burak Deniz car much more often than you might think

You could think: “Well, drive.” Yes, as a joke it would not be bad. But no, the shots are not going around. What Burak Deniz likes to do the most in the car … They are selfis! We leave you a selection:

Do you want more? There are more.

We continue:

We could end here, but …

Come, go, the last. Although there are kicks:

What? How do you stay? We are that we do not stop thinking that this man, every morning, before starting, Repetines his hair, puts a carusa and sucks a self –to give it to his fans. There has to be, hey. That very well, Burak, but you can’t even wait for Hande in the filming for this costumbrita yours.

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