Actress and greater than Demet. She is the unknown sister of Demet Özdemir (‘Adim Farah’). Find out.

It can be said that The start of the year 2023 belongs to Demet Özdemir. Together with Engin Akyürek on the Fox channel and its fame and Their popularity are multiplying exponentially.

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His life, work and miracles arouse great interest in the public who seeks more information from the fashion actress. So much so that even Demet’s family is awakening the attention of the general public.

Did you know that Demet Özdemir has an actress sister?

As you hear it. Demet has an older sister named Aya Özdemir and who started in the world of Interpretation long before her . His features and beauty are very similar to those of his sister.

Demet Özdemir’s first job from Demet Özdemir

When Derya was 17 years old Escaped to Izmit , the town where they lived to Istanbul to shoot their first work, This video clip of Mustafá Sandal which Do not miss it, you have a part sung in Spanish.

Araya carried hair very short which made his peculiar features notice much more.

A short time later, The parents of the Özdemir sisters divorced and they moved to Istanbul.

Demet’s absence to his sister’s wedding

The relationship between the two sisters is cordial, but there is only one fact that was very commented in Turkey and it was that Demet did not go to his sister’s link with Yalçın Kale in August 2021. He says that the sisters were Angry , the reason for the non -assistance of Demet was that on that specific date was Rolling in çeşme although we suspect that the real reason They only know two.

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Araya Özdemir is very different from his little sister Demet Özdemir, but at the same time they keep identical features that make his face familiar and close to us. And you, did you know that Demet had a sister? Tell us in comments.

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