No, it’s not Kerem Bürsin. Nor can Yaman. The man who loves Hande Erçel, but also Serenay and Demet, is a beautiful Turkish black hair and thick beard that we are going to present to you.

We know that the man who loves Hande Erçel is Hakan Sabanci, but he is not the only one. There is another guy in his life: Is called Morteza Taabaki and is young and handsome. surprisingly, he is not an actor. But it does live surrounded by people from the world. What is this crazy enigma, please, what is happening? Tranquis, we tell you now.

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Foto promocional de Morteza Atabaki
Así se promociona Morteza en sus propios medios digitales: mitad en color, mitad en blanco y negro.

Morteza Atabaki, the man who loves Hande Erçel, knows very well all Turkish actresses

And has a reason. Morteza Atabaki, this beautiful Turkish we are talking about, Is a film photographer. What is that? You will surely ask yourself. Well, a film photographer works in the audiovisual productions team (cinema, but also series). Do you see those promotional photos that come out before a movie or a series is released? Because they are made professionals like Morteza, who Immortalized Hande Erçel when he played the unforgettable EDA of Love is in the air.

captura de instagram de Morteza Atabaki
¿Cómo no va a ser el hombre que ama Hande Erçel si sacó así de guapa a su Eda?

This photographer specializes in cinema and can be seen on its professional website, where it has incredible images of the filming in which its services are hired. But he also makes Wonderful portraits like this Serenay Sarikaya, another of Kerem Bürsin’s ex:

captura de instagram de Morteza Atabaki
De Morteza es este impresionante retrato de Serenay Sarikaya en blanco y negro.

More than friend of Demet Özdemir?

Now that Demet Özdemir is going to divorce Oguzhan Koç and who is again a free woman, surely not late in Find love. That’s why we were surprised to see her together Morteza giving good morning:

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Story de Demet Özdemir
“Buenos días”, dice la historia de Instagram de Demet. A la derecha, Morteza, equipado con su cámara.

What is this? Is left of couple? Disregarding a rural hotel? Actually both Morteza and Ramazan üregil and Gürcan Ar are Part of their shoot Mug that Demet and the beautiful photographer were more than friends?

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