Jaime Lorente who has just announced that it will be a dad for the second time, he has just moved to this luxurious villa outside Madrid. We have the photos.

Jaime Lorente everything in life is doing well. She is Amaia’s dad, a girl with a year with her partner Marta Goenaga who Will repeat paternity as announced to Nuria Roca and also Just released His series ‘Christ and King’ in which he gives life to Angel Christ with Belén Cuesta who plays Barbara Rey . What we tell you, the actor of ‘Elite’ or ‘The paper house’ is not for and how everything in life is doing well, has decided Acquire a new home on the outskirts of Madrid where to raise Your two children with their girl.

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Jaime Lorente se muda a un lujoso chalet

The luxury villa that Jaime Lorente has bought

As we say, Jaime has been reforming a villa located on the outskirts of Madrid that is composed of Two plants plus garage and warehouse with about 330 square meters and plot of 800 square meters with a pool.

A lord chalet who Even though it is not recently construction since it dates back to 1980, is robust and cozy.

Jaime not happy with the current state of his new home Has been carrying out a comprehensive reform that will make his new villa even more cozy for the family.

The ‘elite’ actor has made a move last February 17 to take all the furniture of his home in a downtown floor of Madrid.

Your guitar, bicycles, Your daughter’s crib and even a ball pool. Everything Jaime had in his house in the center of Madrid is now in his new villa.

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As a good owner, Jaime Lorente moved to supervise the move work and end his ancient life in the center. Now Jaime will enjoy beautiful walks along the field with his family and that is that for an actor who Does not stop working, having such a home is more than necessary when loading batteries to face new Projects.

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