Does not spend a single day without the former Can Yaman to update us of his state of good hope. Of course, made a brush, of course, that one thing is to inform and another very different losing the glamor. What flips us is that Diletta Leotta has marked a program of the Kardashian style to monetize their pregnancy. And it opens.

The ex -girlfriend (and almost almost wife) of Can Yaman is squeezing its pregnancy. Not only that: it is that Diletta Leotta Has marked a Kardashian and has taken a program out of the sleeve so that the birth of the son waiting with Loris Karius comes out profitable. It trembles, Kim, who comes diletta!

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Vacaciones de Diletta Leotta con Loris Karius
Como ya sabes, Diletta espera un hijo de Loris Karius.

This will be the program to the Kardashian of Diletta Leotta: when it opens

The program in question is called Mamma dilatant (beginner mom in Spanish). This was announced: “I’m going to be a mother. What do I do now? Ok, don’t panic! To answer the thousand questions in my head I thought of a new podcast, which will be born on June 19 (to continue on the subject!) There will be chats between friends and moms, but not only that.

La imagen de Diletta con biberones a la cintura nos desconcierta.

Here, the presenter, in a kind of ad hoc saloncito in which there is no lack of stuffed animals thrown by the ground, will tell us her day to day, so it is more than probable that Can Yaman will leave To shine on more than one occasion. So we can already put the batteries with the Italian.

Can Yaman ha presentado a su novia Diletta Leotta
¡Háblanos de Can, Diletta!

The diletta podcast will have an image

You already know that many of the Pódcast include video, and without a doubt this will be the format chosen by Diletta. Well here, but What does a sports journalist talking about his pregnancy? Why this turn? because his fame transcends what he does and knows it well. He has almost 9 million followers on Instagram, imagine! And if the Kardashian tell their life live, why wouldn’t she do it? And incidentally, an extra salary is removed, that babies generate many expenses …

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