This was the Night of Diletta Leotta girls, the famous announcer of Dazn and former Can Yaman with a friend in which she showed us her favorite food. Look at it.

To the three -star restaurant Vittorio de Brusoporto moved Diletta leotta and her friend Elodie to taste her favorite dish.

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With a bib in which you can read ‘I am sweet to be wet’, diletta wet bread in the tomato sauce of the pasta, which served in a giant pan had a spectacular look.

In fact, it is one of the Preferred dishes of Italian celebs as Michelle Hunziker, Chiara Ferragni or Paola Turani.

After dinner, Diletta went to the ‘Chuches’ bar where very happy, it served everything because it is very sweet, showing a wide neckline in the back that was marked wonderful.

Diletta Leotta spent the night with her friend the singer Elodie, publishing the images on her Instagram account that already has more than 8.5 million followers getting in a few minutes More of 600,000 likes .

Who is Elodie, the best friend of Diletta Leotta?

Elodie is a Italian singer, model and actress . Diletta and Elodie are very good friends and they have even gone on vacation together several times.

Whenever they have occasion to catch up and give us images like these that we bring you in this article.

Elodie is a Singer with quite successful in Italy and outside their borders for songs like this we bring you here.

Diletta For his part, he continues with Loris Karius, goalkeeper of the New Castle with whom he seems to have managed to forget his former Can Yaman with whom Maintained a torrid romance after his landing in Italy.

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