If you think that what they had done to the Twin Melody was not fair, you have to see how they throw ‘hate’ to the first four finalists of #Benidormfest2023

This morning we have discovered the way in which hatred on social networks can affect any artist when we have heard the Twin Melody sisters disqualified in yesterday’s semifinal for #Benidormfest2023, break to cry disconsolate asking for clemency. A very hard and unfair moment that criticized: “We have also thrown us A lot hate . For the mental health of the next contestants, we would like to be given space To people who support and do not destroy people . We have also had a little bad ”

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One of the Twin Melody with these words basically referred to Malbert, the person in charge of issuing the podcast on Eurovision 2023 that seems to be too behemente with their statements and attacks the contestants of the #Benidormfest2023.

@itsmalbert #pegar un video de @Eurovisión TVE Gracias. #malbert #benidormfest #agoney #eurovision #eurovision2023 #benidormfest2023 ♬ sonido original – Malbert

But be careful, it’s not just Malbert in charge of throwing hate to participants in #Benidormfest2023

We have collected some of the ‘hate’ Donkey shooting that we have been able to find on Twitter at the first 4 current finalists: Agoney, Alice Wonder, Fusa Nocta and Megara. Strong>

AGoney is thrown ’‘ hate ’

Alice Wonder ‘Hate’ Hate ’

They throw ‘hate’ to Fusa Nocta

They throw ‘hate’ to Megara

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