The protagonist of ‘Dream bird’ tells the distressing moment in which she discovered that she was suffering an earthquake at home.

We all remember Demet Özdemir as the co -star with Can Yaman from the Turkish series ‘Dreaming bird’ (‘Erkenci kuş ‘, ‘Dream with you’ or ‘Dream with you’). His character stole our hearts but after this series in which he entered through the door of our house came others and in very different series such as ‘My home, my destiny ‘, ‘Dünyayla Benim Aramda’ (between the world and me) or the last series that has just released for Disney+ ‘Adim farah ‘ (‘My name is Farah’) and that we tell you here and that they make us feel as if Demet was part of our family.

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Así vivió Demet Özdemir el terremoto en Turquía

So much so that when we have heard the actress tell on Turkish television how the earthquake has lived in her home, we have not been able to prevent a Knot from being formed in our throat.

The anguish with which Demet Özdemir has lived the Turkey earthquake

We must not forget that the earthquake that Has devastated the south of Turkey and part of Syria is of maximum intensity, so their shaking have been able to feel in practically throughout the country although Istanbul, Istanbul, that the place where Demet Ozdemir lies is at Thousands of kilometers of the epicenter . Demet counted as the earthquake lived:

“I woke up with a frightful tremor. What better soon Turkey. What a disaster with this cold. Allah help everyone ”

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Although Demet is one of the most active Turkish actresses on social networks giving all kinds of information and help in his Instagram account, we leave the addresses to the addresses that Kerem Bürsin has shared (‘Love is in the air’ ) this morning and to which you can go if you want to send help to Turkey.


  • Embajada de Turquía en Madrid (C/ Rafael Calvo, 18, 2 A-B 28010 Madrid) +34 913103904
  • Hard Rock Hotel Madrid (Ronda de Atocha 17, 28012, Madrid. Al lado de la puerta principal) +34 915308000
  • THY Madrid Deposito (Centro de carga aerea Madrid-Barajas. Parcela 2.4 Nave 7. 28042. Madrid. De 9:30 a 17:00 horas
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